Your good enough just isn’t me

You want someone perfect,
that meets expectation,
with perfect eyes, hair and body,
a perfect creation.

You want to be happy,
and won’t settle for less,
than your darling,
Prince Charming,
not some broken mess,

you won’t pick up the pieces,
of a heart ten times broken,
I’ve spoken about,
all my damn misery,
but your good enough, just isn’t quite me.

You set your bar higher,
I jumped and I fell,
I’ve weathered the storm,
And I’ve stormed across hell,

To find where you’re hiding,
To show you I’m stronger,
but you still aren’t impressed,
I can’t take it much longer.

I’m worthless, I’m waiting,
I’m sick of debating,
if I was sufficient to provide for the needy,
You want far too much,
and you’re just being greedy.

I gave up my heart,
now I’m shattered in two,
but my good enough,
just isn’t quite you.

~ Andrew

I was feeling a bit happier than usual today and still ended up writing a poem about heartbreak, go positivity!! .-. If you enjoyed this you might also enjoy Companion (trying to mix up the ones I suggest).


11 responses to “Your good enough just isn’t me

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  2. You hit the nail on the ehad so to speak Andrew!!
    SELF RESPECT! We all NEED to be taught this & unfortunately alot of parents fail in this area. No matter how much my Nanna & Father tried to boost me up; my Mother & stepfather tore me down…I was a wreck by age 17.
    Years later when I was helping to raise my Niece I did EVERYTHING to teach her self respect & my Sister did a fab job os undermining my actions. My Niece ended up as messed up as me; even worse.
    I have always defended my Niece even when she was wrong. She has had no one in her corner but me….however it got too much & I left 19 yrs ago & moved North. We still speak regularly & she is now alot better…thank goodness as she has 2 children of her own 😉

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  3. Somehow we have to solier on despite how rotten we feel inside…
    I remember when I lost my 1st baby at 4 1/2 months pregnant. It was awfula s I was totally abandoned by the father & family. I lost a 2nd baby & then a 3rd under some very abusive circumstances. I beleive I ended up hating myself & figured I did not deserve happiness or respect. It led to a harsh life for many years.
    It took years to unravel all the hurt abuse, betrayal & abandonment.
    Thru ALL the horrible times in my Life I learned that I was one H*LL of a strong woman & I DID & DO deserve respect.
    I have also learned that if someone tries to hurt me now I can walk away & not carry the hurt with me.

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    • It’s something I think people need to teach to teenagers, that no matter how rough life gets you shouldn’t ever see yourself as the problem, there is respect where respect is due and in the case of those being bullied that respect is missing and it’s hard for them not to hate themselves, wish I could go back and tell myself that 5 years ago

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  4. WOW!!! This takes me back…far back! I felt that way about a few blokes in High school & my ‘puppy love’ who became my 1st hubby (& my 1st divorce).
    I got teary eyed reading this. It made me sad to think you have felt any of what you have written here… 😦

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    • I’ve felt it all but I’m stronger now for it, or I would like to think that, I don’t think I could bear to have it happen again though, I honestly sympathise with anyone else who has had to go through this

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