Open Doors Are Easiest

It’s hard to resist,
a peek,
a look through that open door,
A guarantee,
to see the wonders beyond.
But wait,
another door,
bolted, sealed,
hiding secrets,
not yet revealed, to the naked eye.
Try as you might,
it won’t just open,
as the future hinges on one rusty handle.

~ Andrew
Just thinking about the easy route through life vs the challenging route, right now I have to make that choice and as much as I want to push myself I’m more scared than ever of falling short. The one that springs to mind in this instance (of school related opportunities) is School’s Out Son because I wrote it recently, go check it out! 😀


4 responses to “Open Doors Are Easiest

  1. It sounds like the easy option is not what you want. You recognise your fears but now I guess you have to face them. One thing about words they can express our desires and we just have to grasp them.

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