Wonder Week (Day 1): Home

Standing tall,
brick walls
carrying my burden.

A sturdy foundation,
to hold my feet firmly,
the term isolation
rings unlike my phone,
but I’m safe and secure
in the comfort of home.

I will pick myself up,
hold these walls with my hands,
to understand,
the gravity of the situation.

That which brings me down,
can be met with equal force,
of course, home,
an immovable object,
to which I will always return.
~ Andrew
This week I wanted to mix things up so for the next 7 days I’m going to be doing a poem in the style of an ode to something I find incredible. Today’s Wonder is Home, I will link to the previous Ode here each day. But for today I’ll send you way back to my Ode to Poetry
I tried a bit less of a coherent structure and I’m not sure how well it works, but it’s poetry and apparently rhyme schemes aren’t important even though I enjoy using rhyme as a measure of pace. I do hope you enjoyed it, I’m looking forward to a structured week for the first time ever I think 🙂


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