Wonder Week (Day 2): Company

You do not realise,
how dependent I am,
on the privilege of company,
It is not a right,
though I might argue it is essential.

It’s like a duvet,
smothering you in affection and warmth,
an embrace.
Face to face, with friends
my aching heart mends
as company sews me together.

Unseen wonders,
under the mask of happiness.
The crutches that supported me,
fought for me
and stood there all the while.
They are the ones for whom,
I’d go the extra mile.

~ Andrew

Day 2 of my wonder week, I’m really trying to be positive so these poems are probably going to be less structured as it’s more thoughts of ideals rather than acknowledgement of the world around me. Day 1 can be found here: Home.
I hope you enjoy these ‘Odes’ which are quite far from my comfort zone, it’s nice to test the waters with other things and I will probably be doing another of these themed weeks sometime in the future.


4 responses to “Wonder Week (Day 2): Company

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  2. Totally relate!
    I have a close circle of friends who can visit most anytime & I truly enjoy their company. They are vERY supportive of me & I am of them.
    Your poem really reflects the meaning of friendship & company.

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