Wonder Week (Day 3): Rhyme

Conflict rages,
between the poets who rhyme,
and those who do not,
like a bullet, shot from a gun,
the outcome is never pretty.

It is an art,
painted into poets minds,
that starts and ends, with endless lines,
a talent, not far removed,
but far enough to prove,
that you are unique.

It is an evolution,
a way with words
to find solutions to rhythmic algebra.
A page, populated with rhyme,
is a crowded room of individuality
that sets each poet apart.

It is not a code,
A road to certain success,
for less and less
may accept it.
But it is a token,
a stamp on the addressed envelope of hope.
Hoping that it delivers.

~ Andrew
Firstly I’m not saying rhyme is the only thing poets can use but it’s my preferred skill to use because I can do it and not force it (most of the time). I’m trying to diversify the way I write my poems but after this I may go back to my comfort zone. I hope anyone who has read the first two odes and now this is enjoying them, I’m enjoying putting a bit of positivity back into my life and it’s certainly helping me to think of the better things in life. If you missed yesterday’s ode: Company you should give it a read 🙂


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