Wonder Week (Day 4) : Chocolate

Warm, melting streams,
The liquid of dreams.

Chunks softening
into sweet cocoa,
that slowly slide
through my oesophagus.

Sweet sugar,
my addiction.
The friction
my tongue creates
As it disintegrates heaven in my mouth.

Gasping, breathing,
my breath taken,
as I awaken from paradise.
The price of digesting reality,
leaves Utopia’s bitter-sweet after-taste.

~ Andrew
I had to do one on food really, it’s one of the most consistently positive things in life (that sounds really sad) so I chose the one food I would assume everyone would relate to. I was going to do pizza because it’s the best food ever but I didn’t know how much people can relate to mushroom and pepperoni pizza so I gave it a miss. If you missed day 3, you can find it here: Rhyme

2 responses to “Wonder Week (Day 4) : Chocolate

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