Wonder Week (Day 6): Sports

Burning passion,
fires which rage
in competitive communities.

decisively driven to win.
Each game, a lesson to learn,
every ball arriving,
needs a driving return.

~ Andrew
Hope you enjoyed a rather short ode today, wanted to make it short and sweet because I need time for the finale which is going to be awesome (I hope).
Yesterday’s Ode: Photograph


20 responses to “Wonder Week (Day 6): Sports

  1. I find lateness aggravating also. I am usually on time & can be early. I rarely am late & if I think I will be I phone ahead to let the Drs or whoever know. I think it is tied up with respect. I do not like to be kept waiting so why should I let others wait for me?
    Plus Life is short so we should be on time.
    My Sister is always late & that ticks me off. As for CJ I have surrenedered. I am not going to invest hours in helping her & then be stood up over & over. Again there is the lack of respect. She does not does this to other friends…..
    Oh well……*shakes head*

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    • Exactly, the later you are the more of your life you’ve wasted not doing what you were meant to do. I don’t mind having one friend who pushes the boundaries (5 minutes max) but after finding out someone turned up 3 hours after our agreed time (I went home) I was a little insulted by the lack of effort or commitment to the day out, saved myself a tenner though so I guess there are some small mercies

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  2. WOW Andrew that is very wise….I have to agree there is no timeline for return of the ‘investment’. I do feel rather cast-off tho’. CJ is 56; I am 59 & her b/friend is 68. We are not ‘spring chickens’ here & the control he has is mind boggling! She sees it & (for lack of better word) allows it.
    I also agree if she returns into ur friendship it will be awkward unless shee explains or apologizes. It upsets me that I am all ready to go & she cancels 10 minutes b4 picking me up. I just find that rude 😉

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    • It’s never good being stood up at the last minute, I’d rather be stood up than wait for someone who turns up late though, I just find lateness so infuriating and it’s something I don’t think anyone in my school really understands, we seem to have 2 different clocks, one for when we’re meant to arrive and another for when people feel like arriving for each lesson.
      I expect that all good things will be repaid in time though, it’s nice to have the company and anything you do beyond that is voluntary but often reflects how much effort you put in

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  3. You made me 🙂 Andrew….
    I have had a friend CJ since 2008 & we have hung out 2-3 times a month. She initally helped with Nylablue’s chaffeuring to & from Vet; then she suddenly started making excuses & more excuses….
    She is so unreliable now I have lost faith in her. I did have a quiet word with her & let her know she had changed & I’m concerned. Well now she is pulling even farther away. (There is a boyfriend in the background who controls her tho’; so there is an external force at work here).
    On the other hand I met S. 3 years ago when I joined the Feral Cat Rescue group & this woman offered to chaffeur Nylablue & I & did for the last 4 months of her life EVERY WEEK! Plus S. will take me to do errands & get supplies weekly. She even put Siddhartha Henry & myself up yesterday at her house (she has 6 cats & 1 hubby) so we did not have to endure the 1 1/2 hour fire alarm testing…. she asks for nothing in return & is so kind.
    So you see I sometimes shy away from asking for help because my so-called friends always vanish & it hurts ALOT! 😦
    And I am always thankful & take peopel for coffee/tea or offer petrol $$.

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    • The disappearance of friends does make socialising difficult, it’s problematic when they try to come back too though, it just leaves an awkward feeling of betrayal and it’s hard to accept them. If there are external forces (a old friend of mine has a controlling Boyfriend so I know the feeling) then they aren’t entirely to blame I suppose. Friendship is about giving each other but not expecting a return on the time you invest, that should come naturally through the bond you have with someone 🙂

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  4. 😉 Trust me whining gets me nowhere Andrew. I have some fair weather friends who buzz around me when I am (more or less) stable. as soon as I go into a flare-up they disappear into the woodwork. I have learned to not rely on them or family. I pray that you never lose your health or mobility. It can be a lonely world I can tell you…
    I refuse to give in tho’. I am a fighter!!!! 😉

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    • you can’t always rely on others but there will come a time where the people who offer you help will find you start accepting, sometimes it’s the minor things, other times it will be more pressing matters, just push yourself as far as you feel comfortable

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  5. Thank you Andrew. Your words are a comfort & no amount of miles takes away the feeling of them.
    I had to sue the walker to get to the store today & I felt ‘old’. I was hobbling along & I could not even walk straight backed. That always freaks me out; feeling rather hunched over. When I go out I wear fancy slide on knee braces & they keep my knees from shifting or grinding. They are $50. a piece.(approx 65 pounds a piece there each). Not cheap but they do help alot.
    Thank you again. It is nice to know someone cares…..

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    • It’s always scary when something that comes so naturally slowly starts to fade, I’ve had my left leg working on and off throughout school but the first time it tensed up I felt horrible. I’ll be hoping for your luck to change and hopefully someone sees your difficult and offers a hand

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      • So true Andrew. I have had Fibromyalgia & OsteoArthritis since I was 25 & I was able to work for another 10 yrs. Then I went to College for 5 years & got my Psyche Degree. I moved back to my hometown at 40 yrs old & figured I’d go into Counselling & I wanted to open a cat sitting business also.
        None of that happened. In 1998 I started having hip pain…..it got worse & worse & by June 1999 I was in a WHEELCHAIR! 3 very long months. With alot of Physiotherapy & Laser treatment & medicine I was able to walk down the aisle to be married in Ocotober of ’99. I was finally diagnosed with DIFFUSE IDIOPATHIC SKELETAL HYPEROSTOSIS in 2002 but it is a progessive condition that has no cure.
        I’ve managed to stay out of a wheelchair since then but I got to the point I could barely walk a block & had hip surgery October of 2005. The Surgeon fixed my hip perfectly. However the bone disease has attacked my knees & they are shot. (Also have eroded pelvic bones so I have pain like I am being stabbed with a sword over & over..)
        I have a few friends who take me out & around & there is Mobility Transit so I can get to appointments & grocery stores door to door.
        I feel old B4 my time I can tell you; I never thought I’d end up like this!
        P.S.: I am NOT complaining here; just telling you my story is all……

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      • I’m glad you’re managing, the easy thing to do would be to stop trying and see how far whining to someone gets you, I realise some people don’t get a say in the matter but I’ve always been of the mentality that if you’re able to continue you should probably do that, I may regret this ethos in later life but I feel okay at the moment as a result of it 🙂

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      • Andrew I have asked many friends & my Sister & my nephew & my niece.
        Half my friends work so they are busy; the other half have a myriad of excuses for not being availabe (but they call me when they need advice or a shoulder to cry on). My friends in the building are also disabled so they are not able to help me.
        My Niece woudl help but she is 350 miles away & has a 14 & 9 yr old & I could not handle them all here in a small one bedroom flat. My Nephew is in Uni & too busy for anyone. My Sister says she can not get time off work (which is untrue as she is THE boss & could!)
        So I am truly on my own…there is no point in even considering surgery with no one to take me there & back let alone help me the first few weeks! 😉
        Wanna job????

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      • Unfortunately I think I’m a little further that 350 miles away but I really wish there was something I could do because I know the feeling of discomfort where you’re struggling to walk, it must be tough

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  7. Love the ode Andrew! I was into track & field for years….Did sprint running & relay running & long jump….I was totally driven to win & as a sprinter I was the fastest for years.
    Knee injuries took me out tho’. I miss those days sometimes 😉

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