One Heart

One heart,
is all I am,
All I have,
and all I can.

Recklessly thrown,
I was wide of the mark,
you left me for dead,
alone, in the dark.

One tired heart,
beating, beaten, bruised,
My approach for your attention,
so hastily refused,

Each precious pulse,
counting the seconds,
whilst calmly I wait,
alone in my thoughts,
of a future soul-mate.

One breath,
one beat,
in sync,

One breath,
one beat,
one love

~ Andrew
Why I keep writing love poems is beyond me, I have absolutely no clue what to do when it comes to love but hey, I’ll have this to look back on in a few years and think ‘Wow, lonely Andrew actually had some idea’ or ‘Andrew you hopeless drama queen, grow a pair’.
Anywho-what-when-where-how, here’s another poem about heartbreak: Gravity of Love
Alternatively, Your good enough just isn’t me is another one to look at. All of these share the tag heartbreak, if you’re looking for specifics that’s how I’d go about it 😉
Thank you for all the support by the way, I just thought I’d throw that out there 😀

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