Why Me?

Did you ever wonder,
why me?
An eternal existential crisis.

Why me,
when I was sworn to seclusion
you met my conclusion
with your arguments.

Why me,
why do I deserve your aid,
your plasters,
and your attention?

Why me,
when I gave you nothing,
nothing more than manners,
yet you hung banners of praise,
you marched into battle,
as my steed across meadows
of self conflicted disarray.

Why me,
I ask myself, in the bed where I lay.

~ Andrew
I’ve been one to question why people do things, in particular why are people nice to me? It’s a question I have no answer for but at the same time it leaves me frustrated that I cannot understand their reasons for attempting to get close to me, whether I’m worth their time etc. My deeper inquisition was the most similar poem to this so if you’ve not read it I’d recommend it as a similar style. I’m never sure how much detail to do with poems but this ending felt a little weird so I hope you don’t mind the weird rhythm it seems to pick up if read aloud.


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