Facing the day

The mirror can’t help you,
when facing the day,
just reflect all the hurdles,
You put in your way,
when saying you’re ugly,
condemning your face,
you meet eye to eye,
with whom you call ‘disgrace’
His eyes meet directly,
he hunches the same,
he carries a burden,
the burden of shame.
His face tells a story,
his back turns away,
he accepts he’s imperfect
And faces the day.

~ Andrew
I felt a little bit of an old school style poem would be a nice change, nothing special just a motivational poem to anyone who thinks they’re not beautiful because you are. I felt going back to ABCB would help the message stick but it feels weird going back to my roots (the way my hair has after my horrendous haircut) .. personal life stuff, not that it matters :p
Pocket of Change is a good poem if you feel like the world needs to get better πŸ™‚


5 responses to “Facing the day

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  2. Good on you for boosting your self esteem despite the haircut!
    I want to get my hair cut & sort of styled but am terrified I won’t like it…mind you the hair is no great shakes now,,,,lol…
    Why are we so hard on ourselves? πŸ˜‰

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