The silently retreating sun,
casts an apocalyptic shadow
yet Britain is unmoved.

The clouds hang fast,
like thugs, loitering.
But the eclipse cannot last.

The darkness blends,
like berries, soft and subtle,
as the moon lends its body.

Only briefly,
would the chilling winds blow,
yet Eskimo Brits never flinch.

In a matter of minutes,
The darkness subsides,
Yet Britain is covered,
By the dank dirty skies,

and just like that…
it is over.

~ Andrew
I wanted to do something about the eclipse but I know nothing so I thought I’d just moan about how I couldn’t see it ;p
If you wish to read another poem about darkness I’ll link this to Darker Nights which isn’t space themed but it has darkness in it :p


4 responses to “Eclipse

  1. Could be worse, Chinese Astronomers over 4000 years ago would be executed if they failed to predict an eclipse. Having a few clouds to obscure the view is frustrating but at least your shoulders are still supporting your head.

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