Never Back Down

You are my support,
so please don’t back down,
you help me to float,
when I’m lost, when I drown.

You help me to breathe,
When my lungs make it hard,
One more trick up my sleeve,
you’re the ace, my trump card,

the door that divides us,
from the dark and the bitter,
you’re my umbrella
as I hear raindrops pitter
and patter to Earth
From the miserable sky,
don’t ever back down,
I’ve got no reason to try,

I’m weak when you’re distant,
Without you I sit,
and concede to my demons,
if you leave me, I’ll quit.

~ Andrew
Of all the days to have nothing to say I chose world poetry day, I hope you enjoyed this little ramble, interpret it as you wish, friends, family etc. Sorry it’s not fantastic, a decent night’s sleep will hopefully fix things and I’ll be back to my deep and thoughtful self tomorrow
To celebrate today I’ll send you to my poem Poet which explores the mind of a poet, myself.


2 responses to “Never Back Down

  1. Love this poem!!! Even ill you write amazingly well…
    I think of my ex boyfriend P. who has been calling me for over a month now for advice & support. We parted as friends but have not spoken in 10 yrs because the girlfriend would not understand. Now things are a mess in their world & so we are speaking & he told me I am the ‘one true’ friend he has….
    So I think of this poem as what P. would say if he was poetic….
    P.S.: I am humbled that P. trusts me so much

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    • I actually had a poem about not quitting read in an assembly by someone which I got frustrated by (as a poet) due to the nature of the poem, the rhyming was very forced and it made me want to write one myself 🙂

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