What Colour is Rejection?

What colour is rejection,
what colour could it be?
Is it blue like empty skies?
or green with jealousy?

There must have been a colour,
a colour for rejection.
A colour which reflects your pain,
your every imperfection.

Perhaps white shows the emptiness
a room devoid of things
Or is it black, from all you lack
and all rejection brings.

Does yellow bring the sunshine,
her beauty in the light?
Whilst red depicts the fire,
that burns so slow and bright?

The blue is cold, like icy ponds,
the ice wears thin and weak,
Or nature’s green, so crisp and clean,
is the harmony you seek.

But rejection could be something bright,
a pink or softer tone,
A colour which will calm the sting
of feeling so alone.

Is rejection only pain?
Or is it something greater?
She’s not the one, nor should she be,
true love may come much later.

~ Andrew
Rather than post nothing as I’ve been sick all day I decided this would be a decent break point to post a slightly re-worked version of one of my older poems, I’ll hopefully be feeling better soon but no guarantee there as I’ve already taken paracetamol and it hasn’t made much difference. Original Poem: Here


6 responses to “What Colour is Rejection?

      • Rejection is never good, but dwelling on the grey is painful. We all have to learn rejection at some time but using it as fuel to do better. Like when a poem is not as good as you want you use that to try and improve, rejection is just the same. Grey but it can be an undercoat for you to paint over.

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      • I like that analogy of it being an undercoat, something for you to cover up with successes, like a wall or cabinet, you don’t leave it empty, you fill it with all the good things in life 🙂


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