Oh how I wish
there were a cure,
something simple and pure,
to drain away symptoms,
to flush out the pain,
I’m in need of your medicine,
to focus my brain,
to give me the knowledge,
to fight through the day,
to pull me from sickness
beneath the duvet.
To rid me of aches
and to renew my ambition,
I’m in need of a cure
for my sickened condition.

~ Andrew
Being ill is never fun, if you’ve been ill with what I’ve got (stiff joints, headache, cough etc) I really feel sorry for you, I’m still feeling the after effects of the last few days, as a vague connection and a blast from the past you may also enjoy Money FluΒ sorry for the lack of attention to detail since Friday, tomorrow I aim to be fighting fit once again πŸ™‚


4 responses to “Medicine

  1. Ahh it sounds like we have the same stinking Virus…..see how small a world it truly is???
    The poem is great…even sick you sound ‘plucky’ & ‘feisty’…i know you will beat this Virus soon!

    Liked by 1 person

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