I wish my ring-tone
could be moody,
and reflect,
the bitter, spiteful side of me,
that many don’t detect,

The tone of my phone,
will be angry and sharp,
or calm as the breeze
sounds as soft as a harp,

a tone to portray
the mood I am in,
as a merry old tune,
is met with a grin,

and a heavy rock beat,
when I’m feeling expressive,
or something well structured,
for when I’m obsessive,
and something more screechy,
to say ‘Leave me alone’
but the caller won’t hear it,
because it’s not their ring-tone.

~ Andrew
Trying to be clever and not really finding anything clever so I thought I’d just throw a thought out there about a ringtone that reflects your mood, no really use in the real world but it would be quite cool to find out if someone was moody by ringing their phone :p Seeing as this is technology related you may also like Vending Machine 🙂


16 responses to “Ring-Tone

  1. Losing 1 character is not bad…
    Literally more than 1/2 the characters in “Under The Dome” where changed or dropped & plot lines went way far afield I can tell you. I was so confused by the TV series I had to re-read the book…say maybe that was Stephen King’s idea all along 😉

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  2. I always find it interesting reading a book & then seeing the movie….
    I can be uber critical tho’ 😉
    For instances: “Under The Dome” by Stephen King was a AWESOME book!!!! I think one of his best!
    Well the Americans decided to make a TV series out of the book & Stephen King is Executive Producer (thankfully) however there are so many changes of character & the storylines are all over the place. Why is it his books that are marvellous are always screwed up on TV or big screen??? Frustrating!!
    OK rant over, lol…

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    • The 5th season of Game of Thrones completely ignores one of the character plots because it’s so insignificant, which I can understand, but aside from insignificant details I think the tv show or film should be the whole story as best as possible

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  3. My first ‘grown-up’ book was “Oliver Twist” when I was 9 years old. I was hooked!!!
    Ther eis something poignant in Dickens writing that grips me.
    I also LOVE Hermann Hesse…he blows my mind!!!
    I admit I have not read ‘Game of Thrones’…..wha tis it about?

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  4. I too had a few mood rings…wow did they work!!! 😉
    Did you know the gemstone OPAL is the real mood stone? Mine would change color according to mood/skin temp! When i was angry it would turn so dark purple it was eerie but very cool….
    I also find music reflects my moods too…that is the poetic side of us I think?

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