Are you dazzled by my knowledge,
or dumbfounded by my words?
Will you sit amongst the morons,
or dine beside the nerds?

Will you sip your tea and natter?
Will you make me feel at ease?
Or simply cause discomfort,
as you do just as you please,

you can act all high and mighty,
knowing nothing that is true,
but deep inside, you cannot hide,
Your weaknesses shine through.

It’s fine to not be nerdy,
it’s okay to not be bright,
but it’s not okay, to break my day,
with words to fuel a fight.

You can call me all your insults,
I’m sure I’ve heard them all before,
the same recycled book of crap,
you picked up in year four.

Telling me I’m worthless,
As if I hadn’t heard,
but thank you for the compliment,
of calling me a nerd.

At times I thought it damning,
at times it was a curse,
but through your shit, I must admit,
there are things that I deem worse.

So looking back,
and now I’m stronger,
hurt by vicious words no longer.
The bullies who carve forceful words,
are not as brave as freaks and nerds.

~ Andrew
I wanted to start addressing the issues I’ve had growing up because that’s always a good place to start when trying to become a better person, for me the biggest issue I had between year 3 and 6 was the word ‘Nerd’ … I thought people were insulting me, and to be fair their tones were mocking and insulting, but the word itself just means ‘You’re smarter than me’ now :p
If you like motivational anti-bullying poetry I recommend you read/listen to One Hundred and One Damnations
Apologies for the profanity, I try to avoid it but at times the emotional attachment to topics like this means that there is no alternative.


8 responses to “Nerd

  1. I think in my early 20’s I did not grasp what being ‘poor’ was. I was successful & could make my own way. The 30’s were a bit eye opening but I was still all right financially. Went back to Uni @ 34 yrs old & stayed 5 yrs.
    Then moved back to my ‘hometown’ & my health went downhill & I ended up as I am today.
    I am grateful for what I DO have & I share as best I can….
    You are right that the ‘have-nots’ appreciate what they do have & will share quicker than the ‘have’s’ who just will not be parted with their precious money. 😉


  2. LOL to mee this was a ‘no brainer’…the brainers/nerds were very interesting people.
    We also had a group of kids that were labelled ‘misfits’. These were kids who lived below the poverty line; parents worked at low paying jobs & struggled but were GOOD people. I loved being with the so-called ‘misfits’ as THEY were the ones who shared food & books & were the nicest of all the groups 😉
    Labels are so limiting aren’t they Andrew? And sometimes do no credit to the people themselves….

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      • Totally insightful Andrew. I used to be a ‘middle class’ person who had a good job. When my health failed & I had to go on a Disability Pension I became a ‘persona non gratis’ in society. Then I became widowed (not once but twice) & I am considered a ‘misfit’ by society & most of the occupants of the Council building I live in. Talk about a ‘fall from grace’ so to speak!!! I have the eqivalent of a Uni education & a Psyche Degree but am seen as a ‘misfit’. All this at 59 yrs of age….never thought my life would come to this….
        ON WP people ‘see’ me for who I really am. No labels or judgement! So refreshing!!!!!
        You are right about the misfit kids were kinder than the popular or well off kids in High school, at elas tin my day. It was the dirt poor family wh fed me lunch daily while the rich Jewish kids would not even give me a dollar/pound for chips at the burger place….sad but true….

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      • The people who have everything don’t know what it is like to have nothing so when you see the poor kids sharing money, it’s because they understand how hard it is, I think if you knocked the rich back a peg or two they’d soon realise how much a little gift of generosity would go to making someone’s day

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  3. Absolutely fab poem Andrew!!!!
    In our day the ‘nerds’ were called ‘brainers’…like it was an insult. I believe the others were jealous of the intelligence.
    I totally loved hanging out with the ‘brainers’ because I LEARNED alot from them!!
    Whether brainers or nerds; I’d rather be associated with winners than losers….
    And what is a ‘nerd’ anyway??
    Naturally Excellent Really Developed person 😉

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    • Been focusing a lot on how people can be intelligent rather than popular, it gets you a lot further in the long run, I love your definition of a nerd though, there is a natural ability that comes with being smart

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  4. Words are the worst weapon a child can have and only as we grow up can we find ways to embrace those words and make them our own. I have always like the concept that the nerds are likely to be in charge of a lot of jocks. Bill Gates was/is a nerd and no one would mock him now for it.


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