Opposites and Identicals

I’ve tried to mix with opposites,
I’ve tried to mix with my reflection,
It’s opposites and identicals,
in the search to find perfection,

it’s opposites and identicals,
and nothing in between,
to find a home, to find a haven,
to find where grass is green.

It’s all a case of different poles,
to find two that attract,
find the one who shares your goals,
your future path is mapped.

It’s opposites and identicals,
it’s the same, it’s different now,
Never understanding why,
and never asking how.

You’ll find someone, who’s made for you,
composed of all the good,
That makes me want to love them there,
and love them as you should.

It’s opposites and identicals,
your partner isn’t you,
but different minds can meet half way,
when you know that love is true.

~ Andrew
Well, love poems, weird. I wanted to write something about being different and being the same and how they have no impact on how much you love someone, I love my weird friends but I also like my creepy friends and my crazy friends and I don’t really fall into those categories so yes, being different isn’t a bad thing. If you enjoyed this you may also want to read Love as I Know. Also who likes my new word: Identicals :p I just thought it sounded cool


8 responses to “Opposites and Identicals

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  2. We think alike Andrew!
    I believe Paul & I were meant to be as we had suffered so much in our early years & we saw each other for who we were & what we were meant to be. We accepted each other as we were.
    We supported each other thru some very dark times. We made some fabulous memories.
    Nothing happens by chance šŸ˜‰

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  3. LOL you could not get more different than Paul & myself.
    I was 28; he was 21. I am Jewish; he was Catholic. I was able bodied; he was a total Quadriplegic. I was a ‘good girl’; he was a ‘bad boy’. I was blonde & hazel eyed; he was dark brown hair with sky blue eyes.
    So many differences but our minds, hearts & souls were IDENTICAL…
    **I miss my ‘Beauty’ so much** (my nickname for Paul)

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      • It sure does Andrew! I had a Uni education & Paul had Grade 11; he never finished High School. I was sort of street smart where he was UBER street smart…he fancied he was a ‘gangsta’…lol…
        He liked dogs; I liked cats.
        There wer eso many differences. Most people could not figure out how we made such a great team. šŸ˜‰
        The thing was we both had horrific later childhood & teen years. Abuses of all kinds & alot of addiction issues due to our inability to cope. We did help each other get clean/sober. We went thru so much. So despite alot of differences our souls were the same…we were tortured emotionally & we ‘got’ each other & we loved each other; flaws & all…..

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      • Maybe there’s something on the inside that we’re supposed to find that links us and actually all these people that seem different are more alike than we realise. I love creating riddles of who is meant to be with who and why everything happens in life, there has to be a logical explanation for everything in my books

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