Passable Four

I’m what we call,
a passable four,
on the popularity scale.
– Judged by looks.

An acceptable eight,
might debate their position,
but I accept mine.
A perfect ten, or a nine,
would suggest they weren’t pretty,
despite having empirical evidence.
it is good to be a passable four,
where you are free to complain,
about your plain face,
a pained chase to reach perfection.

A standard six fits in nicely,
sharing shape with nine
with looks far from mine,
they would be less acceptable,
in a paper bag.

A one or a two,
though I deny they exist,
would be a target to shoot,
and so hard to resist
throwing spit balls and insults
in their less than ten faces,
while their hearts are so pure
They are branded ‘disgraces’

I am what we call,
A passable four,
there are many better than me,
but I do not desire more.

~ Andrew
A poem to provoke thoughts about looks, looks aren’t everything but it feels that way in society, I don’t think anyone truly is a one or a two on this ‘rating scale’ because even if you’re regarded as ugly you could have a beautiful personality and the pretty ones can have a pretty personality too so what really makes us different is how society attempts to split us just because someone is more physically and aesthetically pleasing.
Basically, I’ve never been the pretty one so I sympathise with the ugly crowd :p On the subject of Ugly not being important, you may enjoy Pigeons, it’s another of my anti-bullying poems (from a while back)


12 responses to “Passable Four

  1. Isn’t he the coolest?? Of course the punk-ness was exaggerated for the commercial as it is about dating…..
    I thought “What lovely eyes he has…”
    Then again i have always befriended the underdog…or is that ‘under punk’?

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  2. Check out this video for dating….it is a bit extreme but does illustrate the point of how people react to outward appearance & attire!!
    Funny (& sad) how society is conditioned isn’t it Andrew…
    I saw you would look quite lovely with fringe & in black & grey. If you are comfortable like that who cares? As long as you bathe etc that is what counts…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, I have to bathe? xD (just kidding) I’ve adapted to wearing blue when I’m in public, people said it suits me, blues and whites work. I’ll give it a look a little later as I’ve just woken up and I need to get ready for the day 🙂

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      • ROFWL>>>>do you have to bathe?? UHH YAH that would help!!! HAHAHAHA!!! I think blues would look good on you. Contrasting tyour dark hair! It is fun to experiment with colors in our attire.
        I love to wear hot pink(hated it in my early years); love reds & purples & teals..
        I will not wear white; yellow; orange or brown but that is because I look awful in those colors.
        Then there are days I wear all black…usually people avoid me on tHOSE days, hahaha!
        have you watched the video yet? it is only a minute…I want to find out your reaction to the last bloke in the video! ;0

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      • Honestly I think he’s an extreme example of the punk genre but I have no objection to people dressing up that way, I’d suggest save it for raves and concerts though, it’s something people will be judgemental about even though it’s something that they love

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      • Not everyone bases their opinion on just looks. I used to date a bloke 15 yrs ago who dressed in sloppy t-shirts, track pants & quilted flannel jackets…he looked like a farmer & he is the sweetest bloke in the world (with amazing blue eyes). He did not have much ‘luck’ with the ladies because they could not get past his attire. He is a factory worker & dressing up was not a priority as you can imagine.
        To this day we are still friends 😉

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      • I hope to find many people who aren’t judgemental but I realise there will always be people who are and I’ve just got to avoid them at all costs 😛 I can relate to the interesting dress sense, I used to wear exclusively black and grey and have a long fringe, all of which I have changed (though I’m wearing black and grey today funnily enough) and I feel people talk to me more as a result of my change in attire which is sad

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