Angel of Fire

She spreads her arms,
her wings ablaze,
she’s out to please,
out to amaze.

A burning burden,
turn up the heat,
she tastes the flames
of pain, defeat,

and rises up
with feathers, ash.
She leaps to soar but she will crash,
to Earth,
with wings not fit for flying,
they thought her weak,
they missed her dying.

She flaps her wings,
her arms will tire,
notice her,
angel of fire.

~ Andrew
Bit of a sobering poem, I don’t really know what to say about it, just imagine a phoenix-angel thing and you kinda have what I was thinking. Another weird thought poem is this: Bottle CapΒ I mean, random metaphors are awesome πŸ™‚


4 responses to “Angel of Fire

  1. Sobering maybe but after watching the launch to ISS on the NASATV stream a rocket going into space also fits the image with parts of it falling away as it rises so totally in tune with this one.

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