I hate your criticism,
you call me broken,
but as a token of your affection,
you offer no solution.
In my confusion I try,
I try to fix what you cry about,
on and on and on.

I hate your hatred,
you conflict feelings with revealing the truth,
as you sow words of hate into youth,
and from critical compliments
Comes critics and confidence,
destructively designed.

I’m confined to me,
and I am nothing more,
and when you tell me
that I am imperfect,
think twice,
the price of a broken bone
is barely a scratch on a broken soul.

The price of a shattered heart,
is more than you will ever earn.
Learn a lesson today,
consider what you say,
before you break right through
know you make mistakes too.

~ Andrew
I just wanted to address criticism as a thing, I get that some can be constructive but if I keep my mouth shut about your imperfections, it’s because I want you to look past mine. Sorry if you didn’t like the weird ‘Spoken Word’ element of this writing, it’s more intended for me to work on because when I get rid of my cold I want to make this longer and into a Spoken Word video but I have this as a foundation to work on and it works as a standalone poem. If you want a more standard poem I’d recommend Broken


10 responses to “Critic

  1. Andrew,

    you expressed your feelings; that’s all that matters, regardless if this rhymes; is in stanza….or is word put to paper… as the emotion IS expressed…. an instructor once told me when an idea/thought comes to you, write it down, however, as soon as possible…because once the thought melts away, you may never get it back again…this is a great starting point for where you want to take this further down the road…how many of the greats started out with nothing more than scribblings… on what ever they could find to write on….we would probably be amazed to know….

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    • I started out in the corner of a dark crowded room with a folded up piece of paper and now I’ve grown to the stage where I share my work with the world, I’d love to know more about the origin stories of some other poets, may have to ask people though :p (Not just the ‘greats’)


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  3. I have friends like this too Andrew…convo is going along & all of a sudden a criticism pops up & I react! Not a pretty sight I can tell you.
    the more a person criticizes me the more they find themselves talking to themselves.
    I refuse to listen to idiocy…granted I am not perfect but there is a proper way to tell someone something & a wrong way…
    “Criticism bombs” are not the proper way 😉

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    • I avoid reacting when criticised, I tend to change the topic or just go silent if I’m talking in a group. Someone commented on my disappointing physical appearance (I’ve not got muscles) and I just decided to excuse myself from the conversation and go to my next lesson early

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  4. FAB poem!!! As a person who was criticized for many years by my Mother & StepMother & made to feel so small I can relate to this poem alot. I would try to change but at some point I realized it was me who needed to change but them 😉 THAT was a turning point in my life….

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    • Funnily enough I’m directing this at a lot more people than I think I should, weirdly enough some of them I get along with but it’s just passing criticisms that they’ve dropped into conversation that really hurt

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