Equations of Emotion

Lust squared equals love,
jealousy times poverty makes envy,
how else can we comprehend our emotions?

The devotion of psychology,
To defining terminology
of active parts inside the mind,
the distant secrets, that we find,
can calculate human reaction,
solve quadratics, find attraction.

Lust squared equals love,
an emotional equation
and the invasion of intimacy,
as we calculate our hormones,

Memorising formulae,
to find the answers buried deep,
the ‘x’
that makes our coefficient,
as love alone, is insufficient,
to find the answer,
I feel we know,
lust squared equals love,
love squared equals home.

~ Andrew
It’s nice to be loved, even just to know someone would get up in the middle of the night to help see you through a tough time. I wanted to address the idea that love can be calculated but I’m not an expert so I just stole a lot of words from maths and made them sound nice 🙂 If you enjoyed the Maths-y feel to this you may also enjoy ‘It Doesn’t Add Up


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