Quitting And Other Shortcuts

the program,
the exercise,
it’s a short cut to safety.

next right,
Then straight on to laziness.

by the way you came in,
you bring shame to the fighters,
you’re as light as a feather,
a light weight, a loser,
you’ve giving up now,
wish you’d given up sooner,
so I wouldn’t be here,
Ranting how you’re conceding,
and the anger I’m feeling,
that you find yourself reading.

you took the path,
the one you deemed easy,
and please, do not turn,
try to come back to the junction,
it’s better without you,
you’ve got no good function,
you’re worthless, a waste,
did my words hurt your feelings,
like you hurt my mind,
when you chose the path most appealing.

You left,
not the right decision,
but now I will wander on,
I will continue to tread the rough road alone.

~ Andrew
I’m finding my ‘poetic’ side is kind of turning into a ‘rap’ side after listening to quite a few rap songs recently, I think I’m going to go back to standard quatrain for my next poem because I don’t feel this type of writing is as poetic, though it is powerful and it does get the point across. I mean no ill feeling in this poem, I’m trying to tell people that quitting is wrong so people don’t quit in the first place :p


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