Generation Gap

Old people, young people,
please mind the gap,
it’s a nasty piece of work,
this generation trap.

Where one looks to the future,
and one dwells on the past,
it’s the present, just receive it,
it’s here, it doesn’t last,

Appreciate we’re changing,
accept traditions end,
there’s nothing strange, with making change,
and having on-line friends.

The train pulls from the station,
there’s nobody on board,
too busy minding,
the generation gap.
A fall, they can’t afford.

It’s over now, we missed the chance,
to reach clear understanding,
we’re making tracks,
not turning backs,
it’s change that we’re demanding.

I ask that you please listen,
to keep my conscience sane,
as we compete,
please take a seat,
on the generation train.

~ Andrew
I hope you enjoyed this poem, it’s about the problem between the old and young generation, in particular the refusal of the old to change which irritates me no end. If you enjoy this sort of poetry you may also enjoy Pocket of Change

20 responses to “Generation Gap

  1. You are right that blogging & FB & other social sites are so popular.
    I will tell you that a third of my readers here are 55+ right up to over 80+ yrs of age. It is surprising how many Seniors are embracing technology.
    Many of my ‘Senior’ friends love FB, emailing, blogging because they came from a time of ONLY air mail & telephone & the calls were always short because they cost so much. In fact are PREPhone days!!! Can you imagine???
    LOL>>.we’ve come a long way haven’t we??? ;0

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  2. LOL yes they had to wait 5 hours andrew!! They wanted to be in your company! πŸ˜‰
    I was talking to my Ex-fiance’s 75 yr old Aunt yesterday & she has a PC & we care connected via email AND FB!!! She is still learning but she is really enjoying the experience…
    It was cooling leaving her a photo & message on FB last nite….
    Technology is not so bad at all πŸ˜‰

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    • It’s the field I’m aiming to break in to with university and everything (though I’ll stay as up to date with my blogging as I can, it’s nice to have an escape). πŸ™‚ I love being able to catch up with friends on line even if I’d rather be face to face for poke wars and other nonsense πŸ˜›

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      • Blogging is a great endeavour. i find it fun & relaxing (unless I have 100 blogs to read when I fall behind!).
        I have met so many FAB people here.
        FB gets slammed alot but it is a good place to connect with people. I used it for weekly updates for 18 months when my kitty girl Nylablue was fighting Bowel Disease. People went to my FB page for those updates! It is really quite a lovely site.
        Emailing has pretty much taken the place of writing letters. I used to write 15 letters a month. Granted a few people have died & a few moved far away but for the most part most of my correspondence is done via email now.
        There are courses offered here to seniors to learn computers & is always fully booked πŸ˜‰

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      • I think having facebook and blogging are the easiest ways to socialise these days, it allows me to stop feeling lonely by just looking at all the wonderful things on wordpress or speaking to my friends. I can imagine they would be popular, not so much here but other places tend to have seniors who are much more willing to embrace computers

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  3. I love the Internet also Andrew. I have ‘met’ so many people who have enriched my Life in so many ways.
    My Father (RIP) was wary of the Internet when I first got a PC (2005) but when he heard all my stories about blogging & keeping in touch with people he mellowed.
    Every generation has to accept progress…not always easy for them πŸ˜‰

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      • My previous Landlady has a PC & can use it like a pro & she is now 90 years old!!! She inspires me!
        As for the Internet it is like anything; it can be used for positive or negative….we chose positive!

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      • That’s impressive, I notice there are a lot of people who can use it but some people refuse to understand it and I’m getting a little tired of teaching people how to delete a page, there’s a whole plethora of guides out there, did you need to wait 5 hours for me to be there? Haha

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  4. Great poem Andrew!!! I have always gotten along with people of all generations & I enjoy talking to people of all ages.
    I also agree that elderly people that are inflexible & have one tracked minds drive me mad too…
    I sure hope I NEVER become one of THOSE elderly people πŸ˜‰

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      • Good for you!! I too am trying to stay current & informed. I have friends of ALL ages which is very cool & I think I am a lucky person to be able to connect with so many people at different points in their lives.
        (I think my advantage was being raised by Grandparents & my Father being almost 40 when I was born). πŸ˜‰

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      • I love how connected the internet allows everyone to be, I get to talk to people who are mature and understanding but there are always a few people who want to start a riot and they’re always ‘interesting’ to talk to. I’ve become a little disconnected from my parents based on the whole internet and technology debate

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  5. Some of the older generation appreciate change and how technology has improved our lives. Others just put their head in the sand which obviously will alienate a changing generation. I will admit to hating people who are so glued to their phones they ignore what is going on around them and that tends to be a younger generation than mine.

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    • I agree with the phone staring, I can understand checking it every 10-20 minutes, something important does happen from time to time, but having spent the day with someone who literally had their phone out and unlocked the entire 2 hours we were chatting I can sympathise with the older generation on that point


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