I Argue

I argue,
not because I am right,
but I have a right to be wrong,
I argue because I feel oppressed,
depressed and stressed.

I argue because my opinion,
is so much more than an echoing noise,
an effortless reverberation
or the creation of sound.

I argue because for years I have listened,
and learned, and grown.

I have shown myself worthy,
time and time again,
I am more than a wrong answer,
I’m a voice, I represent,

The needy, the lonely,
The smart, the abused,
The worthless, the hungry,
The lost and confused.

I argue for the society,
of misfits and mistakes,
I stand up to the deceivers,
the idiots, the fakes.

I argue for a reason,
and that reason is salvation.
The “free” are wearing chains,
of the Government’s creation.

~ Andrew
I’ve always been a bit of a rebel, not at school where I’m perceived as the perfect student, but at home I argue and try to get my point across, which most of the time is either a fair point or an idea to benefit multiple people, sadly not everyone sees eye to eye with me and even when trying to have a reasonable negotiation they put no effort in and think telling me ‘you’re not going to change anyway’ is a good enough reason. If you enjoyed this you may also enjoy Notice


16 responses to “I Argue

      • There is ALOT of ‘sla[stick’ comedy in the series..poor Manuel always getting clipped in the head by Basil Fawlty. Alot of improv too…they were a great cast & fed off each other.
        My FAVE episode is the oen where the German tourists visit & Basil fawlty can’t stop talking about the Brits & the Gerries & the War. Now I am Jewish so this should have shocked me but I busted a gut laughing & still do when I see John Cleese aka Basil ‘goose steps’..his legs are so-o long!!!!

        I am crying with laughter as I watched it b4 posting here….sheer brilliance!!! *wipes tears from eyes*

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  1. Monty Python’s Flying Circus was a group of UK comedians who took the world by stomr in the 70’s & 80’s. If you type in their name on Youtube there are many clips of them…this is one of my all time fave clips!!!
    I am glad you enjoyed it….

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  2. I don’t like to argue, however I am always willing to debate. Nothing is worth getting hot under the collar for. If someone can show me I am wrong on something then there is no need to shout or get excited. But often people hate to be wrong and that is where the arguments happen. I just leave the room when someone gets shouty. It has upset one of two people who believe that they cannot be wrong because of their background but without knowledge to back that up.

    And I love Monty Python, thank you for the reminder Nyla 😀

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    • When I start a debate it usually devolves into an argument because I tend to have vastly different thoughts to what people would like me to have, I know when to stop though (most of the time)


  3. Totally cool poem!
    I argue because I feel I am not being ‘heard’. I never was heard for many years so it makes sense. Mind you there are times I just walk away because some arguments are not even worth the effort, lol….

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  4. My good friend argues all the time with people, saying that he likes to “enlighten others by showing them different ideas and viewpoints.” I think he would appreciate this poem very much. Nicely penned!

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