I’ve Been Wronged

It doesn’t matter any more,
I’ve been wronged,
when I gave up my seat
on the bus to school,
to no word of thanks,
no thanks at all.
I was wronged.

When I paid for your lunch,
I had a hunch that was that,
not a loan, nothing borrowed,
I was wronged, I was cheated.
And when I offered a hand,
I was standing, defeated,
you ignored my approach,
and you slowly retreated.

When I was taken from friends,
for your own selfish gain,
I was wronged, I became,
antisocial, insane.

I’ve been wronged,
I’ve been conned,
There’s no place I belong.
Too late for sorry,
so please make it goodbye,
you wronged me, you cheated,
you wrote me a lie.

~ Andrew
I wanted to be a little more personal today, to address just a few of the times where I’ve done good deeds or been kind and had it thrown in my face, I could go on for hours about it though :p On the subject of lying, here’s a different kind :p Lie With Me


9 responses to “I’ve Been Wronged

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    • Thank you! I hope so, I wouldn’t mind getting some of the money I lent back :p
      I honestly do good where it’s deserved, I wouldn’t do a good deed expecting it to be repaid, just that they don’t keep expecting more of me without acknowledging my sacrifice haha


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