Next Time: Listen

I told you it would happen.
Next time, listen.

That glistening sparkle,
in the corner of my eye,
when reality proves me right.
That beaming smile from ear to ear,
that I conceal in fear
of being called cocky.

That question,
where ten people shot me down,
and were made to look like clowns,
when my answer was correct.

Do I detect a disliking of me?
I give advice you ignore,
but I’m sure you’ll agree.

That when I open my mouth
and christen the air.
Next time: Listen.
I do it,
because truly, I care.

~ Andrew
This one ties in to I’ve Been Wronged. In a group quiz one the questions was along the lines of: ‘Which film stars Mickey Mouse and 8 pieces of classical music?’ or something similar, to which I told everyone it was Fantasia. They proceeded to put down ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ which was the name of one of the shorts in the film. Now, I was right and I knew it but no matter how many times I said ‘trust me’ they ignored me. It was a bit of an ego boost when the correct answer was read out :p Still, I remember the events quite clearly because I’d been a huge fan of the film when I was younger so this memory ties in to that. I hope you enjoyed this one, feels nice to get my moaning out of the way 🙂


4 responses to “Next Time: Listen

  1. People fill themselves with assumptions and assume that what they know is right. I have no doubt there were people telling Einstein they knew things better than he did. Sets the challenge of how do we avoid those situations. Surrounding ourselves with brilliant people is one way but surrounding ourselves with clever people who know they do not know it all. Bit like the joke though one guys asks another what is the term for 93,000,000 million miles, the other guy goes it’s astronomical. First guy goes I know it is but what is the term? Find people who can talk to as an adult with a brain because you are not a child who knows nothing.

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    • I tend to enjoy smart conversations, when I know I’m right it’s frustrating but if someone proves me wrong I find I usually learn from it, something not everyone seems able to do, not blowing my own trumpet or anything but I have the power to admit being wrong (though sometimes my pride gets in the way)


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