It’s all too much,
these qualifications,
a concentration
of education,
into a single sheet.

How do I qualify?
When like the next guy,
I try too hard,
or not hard enough,
and end up incomplete.

If two hours,
in a hall,
could provide the downfall
of our next generation,
that’s no mean feat.

Your future hung,
by a rope,
and flung out
to salvage some dignity.
You only qualify,
if you’re what we call ‘elite’.

~ Andrew
Something a little different, I don’t usually moan about education but I passed my GCSE exams with flying colours despite putting in minimal effort, that fact makes me feel bad for those who worked their socks off revising and didn’t get what they wanted. Whilst some may argue I got the grades I did because I worked hard in school I do feel my laziness should have been punished somehow. If you enjoyed this you may also like: School’s out son


11 responses to “Qualify

  1. Andrew you did not breeze thru for no reason; you worked hard all year. So you were prepared for your GCSE’s. Well done You!
    Love the poem too. I used to panic so badly at end of year tests/exams & I did better on them then all year thru’…
    When i went to College I learned to relax & then I did my VERY best work 😉

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  2. I always thought life would teach us so much more than school. Back in my day though there were not the subjects there are now that would interest me. I still study but for fun now and in subjects I enjoy, never stop learning!

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