Anonymity Online

you call me,
yet your name reveals nothing.
Does taking liberty
with anonymity
make you feel big?

You wear a mask
but you’re nobody’s hero.
your cold hearted soul
hitting absolute zero

You hide behind your keyboard,
using letters like bullets
as you shoot people down,
and as we drown in the gunfire,
you turn and fire another round.

~ Andrew
Just a short poem (not my finest) exploring what it is like to be bullied online. It’s a genuine issue and can lead to all sorts of depressive mental states. I was targeted on a few websites (none of which I still use) but the anonymity with which people hurt you is painful because it’s hard to stop them.
One Hundred and One Damnations – This poem summarises the many words bullies can use, just to show you that it is an exhaustive list, there is an end and there is only so much they can call you.


11 responses to “Anonymity Online

  1. It is hard to fight an enemy who is disguised isn’t it?
    I have a long time friend who has an Ex stalking & bullying her online esp on FB. We have had to block the person under so many names it is crazy. I always worry the stalker is still lurking & I have my parametres set tightly.
    You would think people had better things to do with their time ?? πŸ˜‰

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  2. I have been banned from a couple of bulletin boards for standing up to those who abused the power they were given as moderators. Laughing at someone new to the board and who didn’t understand the way things were was childish yet they would take great delight in showing how “knowledgeable” they were without checking facts. I was bullied as a kid but it has hardened me in later life to ignore and even laugh at words.

    However I have been called a troll on several occasions where I was debating and I quoted peer reviewed research as part of the background for my beliefs but as I was pointing out issues with an ideology it was easier to ignore facts and call me a troll rather than debate the evidence I presented. There in lies the problem with some discussions online that it is easier to call someone a troll than deal with evidence vs belief.

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    • There’s a fine line between proving a point and being a troll, the ignorant see intelligent responses as arguments that can only be solved by declaring that person a troll, it keeps any intelligent debate away from the internet which is a shame because there are a few idiots (a lot of them) that need some form of education


  3. This is a great poem Andrew as it expresses what you truly feel.

    Sadly, in this day and age; in cyberspace, no one has a guarantee of any kind who is behind the “words”…people can profess to be anyone or anything and everyone regardless of who they are, should be cautious.

    Cyber bullies that you actually “know” ie a schoolmate , neighbor etc have some serious …”issues”…..if they find it amusing to bully online, they are beyond pathetic if this is how they spend their free time

    Here in the states cyber bullying is taken extremely seriously and is investigated as a crime; I hope it is there where you live as well.

    My brother and I both know what it was like to be bullied, but we also knew and saw who was standing right in front of us

    The similarity between cyber bullying and real bullying is the people behind it are
    basically cowards; cyber bully’s hide behind their words yet think they’re …all that and so tough… when in fact they aren’t worth anyone’s time, probably have no friends and are as immature as a 2 year old and their vocabulary level is the same

    in your face bullies think they are….all that…have no friends…and think they are so tough …until someone comes along and knocks the **** outta them, then they find out they weren’t so tough after all


    Hi to your mum, we miss seeing the blog !

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    • Unfortunately no such levels of severity in the UK, it seems cyber bullying is most effective here because no one will confront it.
      The majority of people that affected me whilst outside of school were indirect and not to the face.. being called an emo c*** being the highlight of those foul mouths, though the boy who did it I know and he’s a poor troubled little boy :p


  4. I have met a few ‘trolls’ online & have either blocked them or I set their comments to go to SPAM & then I can DELETE w/out even reading the crap they have spewed out.
    I used to be bullied as a child & I learned to fight. At 98 lbs & barely 5 feet tall I could take down a 175 lb bully & I did it alot. Once the so-called bullies got a taste of their own medicine they slunk away.
    No one bullies me anywhere; anytime! PERIOD!
    Those who bully are ignorant & have no self esteem…their words/actions REALLY mean NOTHING!

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    • I was cyber bullied and physically bullied, got to experience everything and honestly the physical bullying was 10 times easier to bear, the bullies couldn’t touch me in my own home, and then cyber bullying became popular, it’s awful that people are subjected to it still and that’s what this poem is trying to suggest, that bullying online is not only pathetic, but is just a way of hiding from blame

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      • I agree. The bruises heal. You can stay at homeor go a differnet route to avoid the bullies. Cyber bullying is sneakier & right in your face.
        You are right cyber bullying is an easy way out to avoid guilt & blame.
        At least a face to face bully has the ‘balls’ to get in your face…..a cyber bully lurks in the shadows so to speak…not very brave at all πŸ˜‰

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      • It’s less effective over social media where everyone knows your name but if you disguise yourself it’s easy to cheat the system. I’ll do what I can to prevent cyber bullying but I think it’s an issue that can be resolved with everyone participating to solve it

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