Just because the world,
is a wireless connection,
doesn’t mean you disconnect,
and defocus your attention.

You are human like we all are,
we still haven’t turned the tables,
we’re all living things,
yet still we bring
connection in our cables.

The cables that unite us,
as change stares us in the face,
don’t lose the ones you care for,
your sincerely,
Human race,

we must stick together closely,
just as magnets need attraction,
you cannot live a life,
without social interaction.

~ Andrew
This actually comes from a string of poems I seem to have written about being connected, there’s still an issue today whereby people do not go outside and do not ‘Look Up’

Whilst this piece of spoken word is an extreme example (I don’t think we should drop all connections because there are many benefits of a connected world) it does give the message that we shouldn’t be stuck to our computers 24/7 (In my case, I spend a lot of time on mine because I just can’t afford to go out and see friends most of the time). I hope you enjoyed this :3 And the poem by Gary Turk too


2 responses to “Wireless

  1. We all struggle in the modern age to connect in the real world, smoky old pool rooms in the back of a bar laughing with friends seems to have disappeared into a sterile environment and so many people who just sit at home looking at the screens. Even looking round a bar you see people vacantly looking into there phones and even worse laptops open using the wi fi and ignoring the people they are with. First World Problems!

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    • If I’m out on my own I can imagine I would be leeching wifi and playing on my laptop but not to the exclusion of my friends, I think the two extremes need to compromise, those who refuse technology must ease up and those who are obsessed must do the same


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