Pride in Tatters

like receipts,
unwanted, unloved.

That was my pride,
not that it matters,
that thing on the floor,
ripped and in tatters.

like some patchwork disaster,
faster, faster, faster.

with holes
like Swiss cheese,
carved at the ribs,
torn at the knees,

my body,
my pride,
metaphorically broken,
by words behind backs,
harsh rumours are spoken.

I hang my head,
half in my shame,
half in my dread.

word of mouth,
destructive like bullets,
and calm as the breeze,
my pride is in tatters,
by mistakes that I’ve made,
and a side no one sees.

This tattered pride,
lied to, deceived,
will rise up from the burden,
the pressure relieved.

~ Andrew
No matter what happens, keep your head held high, unless you’re going through doorways :p I’m all for these motivational ideas, if you enjoyed this you may find motivation in Facing the day, no matter what others say you should love yourself for being yourself πŸ™‚


7 responses to “Pride in Tatters

      • Thank you Andrew I am feeling more at peace as I have accepted what I cannot change.
        My Sister called me a ‘liability’; I AM disabled but I am NOT a ‘liability’…that did my head in. (She said more).
        I have decided to just keep to myself. I am always careful with my words & IF I think I said something out of turn I go to the person & ask if I offended. I do my best to respect everyone & not be an A$$ πŸ˜‰

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  1. Humbled is not a problem, we all have to face that in life. But rising like a phoenix out of the ashes is your challenge. People will happily try to bring down people to their levels but you have to believe you can rise above the petty and weak. Words hurt but they are only lasting if you let them be. Easier said than done I know but reach out and there will be people there for you if you want them.

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