It feels
like I
am falling,
calling out,
ill fated

I’ll hit
rock bottom
as I capitulate
in shame

the fall,
I fell,
went straight,
to hell,
with you,
not there,
to guide me,

I fell
for you,
and fell,
straight through,
with no one to confide in.

~ Andrew
Thought a short syntax poem would be fun, short lines and a bouncy feel to an emotional poem about falling in love, another one about this is Gravity of Love, enjoy 🙂 The longer final line was supposed to represent the splat on the floor :p


8 responses to “Falling

  1. The nice thing about hitting rock bottom is you can start climbing back up, No matter how much people grind you down people have a strength in them that allows us to rise above and ignore the words, the lies, the half truths and the misleading things others may say. Not an easy thing to find, took me the best part of 40 years to grow to that point but I believe that if I can do it surely anyone can.

    Not a fan of short line but it did allow for that interesting ending so maybe I need to rethink on that at least in the possibility of usage to create emphasis.


  2. Andrew…a great example of syntax….I’ve called out a few… ill fated names to several …one dude got enough to last him 5 life times…. !!!

    { I will keep them to myself as I don’t believe in cursing on other peoples blogs !!!! 🙂

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