Another Bar and I’m Gone

So sick of playing,
on the same sad strings,
waiting by the phone,
but I know it never rings,

Play another chord,
strum another bar,
I don’t believe in love,
because it hits too hard.

Tugging on my heart strings,
reading in reverse,
you try to make it better,
but you only make it worse,

The page is upside down,
and my heart is inside out,
I’m trying not to drown,
in the torrent of my doubt,

I’ve had enough of hurting,
enough of sleepless nights,
another bar, goodbye you are,
the dimming of the lights.

You are the dark that slowly enters,
as the spotlight fades to black,
you are the silence in the sleeping crowd,
the glimmer in the back,

the movie playing on repeat,
the whirring tape rewinding,
I don’t need you, you said it too,
I hardly need reminding.

Another bar and I’ll be leaving,
another broken heart’s goodbye,
I didn’t need your cruel deceiving,
believing in your lies.

~ Andrew
I don’t really know what to say about this since it’s not entirely based on a personal experience. I hope you enjoyed it.
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12 responses to “Another Bar and I’m Gone

  1. I think poetry does both at the same time! We save ourselves & help others. There is nothing so cathartic as having someone say they understand what one has written!
    I find that peotry comes about when we are in emotional extremes don’t you?

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      • Poetry & short story writing kept me sane for many many years Andrew. Now reading & keeping in touch with like minded people keeps me sane. even blogging as my cat helps alot & gives me strength….
        We humans are complicated aren’t we??? πŸ˜‰

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      • It’s all a set of phases to find what suits you best at any given time, writing poetry helped me when I was most upset and down, now I’m in a good place and the ideas seem to be harder to come by without having a deeper meaning, I guess it makes my poems more meaningful but a little less about saving myself and more about helping others

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  2. I’m with Tabbies Mum!! I remember a song I wrote back in the 80’s & this poem is very similar…I say find someone to sing it & make your fortune….
    P.S.: I totally related to the going to the bar/leaving the bar/the darkness/ the anonimity of the night….

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      • That would be great Andrew..soemthign with an ‘edge’….
        My song is called “Rollin’ Down The Road”…I set out to write a poem which I did & then I realized when I was done it was a song & to make that even funnier it sounded like a ‘country’ song & I AM NOT a country girl…I am straight ahead Rock & Roll…that was truly ODD! πŸ˜‰

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