Side Order of Sympathy

A sorrowful supper,
with a side of despair,
a bottle of tears,
to drown away care,

a table for one,
for the rest of the night,
I’ll dine in the corner,
by the flickering light.

I won’t be a nuisance,
In silence I’ll eat,
I promise I’ll leave,
feeling less incomplete,

I’d love some regret,
something bitter and coarse,
a desert dry meal,
in the absence of sauce,

as the sauce that once covered,
my plate of desire,
turned out I was smothered,
in the arms of a liar,

so give me a meal,
with an after-taste burning,
to rid me of heart ache,
to flush away yearning,

as I drown my emotion,
in a plate
of misery,
it’s harsh for the main
with a side of sympathy.

~ Andrew
Something irregular and weird, I hope you enjoyed it. If you liked the references to food you may also like Vending Machine or Food for Thought.

13 responses to “Side Order of Sympathy

  1. LOL I remember when I got fed up with the Canadian Literature course being taught & told the teacher what she was teaching was a ‘load of shite’. I was asked to leave so I went to Guidance office & my Counsellor was “OH G-D not again Sherri-Ellen…” 😉
    We talked about the course & I said I could write a better course outline & he challenged me to do it. So every Canadian Lit period I was in the Library writing away. Once finished my proposal was taken before the Board & guess what?? My course outline was ACCEPTED & is STILL used to this day in my old High School 😉
    Sometimes we just gotta break the rules to make things better, lol……
    As for world domination….as long as I have relative ‘control’ over my own enviroment & who comes into it I am contented enough 😉

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  2. When I lived at home with the Gruesome Twosome I spent as much time in my room as possible unless I was playing with my Sister or baby Brother. I was not allowed out after school or on weekends. When I left home at 17 1/2 yrs old I went *wild*. I did not have a *room* of my own until I was 33 yrs old. It was like arrested development…
    I started college @ 34 yrs of age & I was far more like an 18 yr old!!! Totally ROCKED College & got straight “A’s”. It was FAB!!!
    Now that I am where I am in my Life I am very protective of my privacy & my flat; it is my ‘haven’. I know alot of people in the building think me weird but they do not understand what I’ve been thru’ (Nor do they care).
    I answer to no one & that is the greatest freedom of all for me….(I sound like a rebel don’t I?)

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      • 😉 There is always someone to answer to it seems: teachers; bosses; the government (taxes); Housing Council; Police (if in trouble).
        Then if one lives with someone or gets married….then there is someone to answer to in a certain way….
        I do not do well with being ‘bossed around’ as I figure at my time of Life I know what is best for me (sort of….lol…)

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      • I somewhat like being controlled in a sense but I like to feel I can change that control, so with school I know to behave but I know that I’m almost done there and that’s one less authority to answer to, work your way up like that and the only result it leads to is world domination :p

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  3. Oh man Andrew that is one ‘smoking’ poem….
    I had this image of myself sitting in the restaurant La Luna at a corner table eating spaghetti an realinzing my 2nd marriage had crumbled around me. The utter failure was devastating & the food tasted bitter all right.
    I wished I had a ‘side of sympathy’ that night I can tell you 😉

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