Mirror Image

Do you ever feel,
you’ve been looking in a mirror
and it started looking back?
You must have got lost,
because you’re in too deep,
and you’re never going back.

But look a little harder,
the mirror isn’t you,
I see in my reflection
a different point of view,
to me it’s like an opposite,
the same and yet far from it,
yet all the same,
it leaves a trail,
the tail of a comet.

That’s how I see it,
my connection,
resembling my own reflection,
so similar in all we do,
but schizophrenic, pieces, two,
my partner in crime,
with the time for affection.
It’s funny how I fell for you,
and saw my own reflection.

~ Andrew
Seeing the best qualities of yourself in another person is always so nice to watch happen, this feels very similar in story to Opposites and Identicals 🙂
As I have exams coming up I probably won’t be browsing other blogs too much so apologies if I don’t read much work by other people, I intend to catch up on it when exam season is over, I look forward to reading the fantastic work everyone shares ^.^


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