Apologies for my Inadequacy

My sorry,
is a different kind,
the one I use,
for peace of mind,

I say I’m sorry,
to make it clear,
I’m not quite perfect,
nowhere near,

as I may be,
I’d rather give,

than suggest,
I cannot see,
the uncompleted
side of me,

nowhere near
I live
in constant fear,

that living with,
the sorry curse,
To make things work,
could make things worse.

But all my mistakes,
I feel they are stacking,
so sorry if my
assurance is lacking.

~ Andrew

I say sorry, too much. Sorry about that. I’ll stop one day. If you are into these poems about lacking confidence or just not being satisfied with you (even though there’s nothing wrong with you, you’re amazing), then you may enjoy Critic. Have a great day guys (and girls, and whoever else sees this)


7 responses to “Apologies for my Inadequacy

  1. LOL Andrew you would fit in here in Canada well. We are always apologizing for everything to everyone, hahaha!!!
    The poem is brilliant.
    At least we have consciences’ & know enough to apologize when needed…. 😉

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      • Mee too!! Someone gets in my way & I say “I’m sorry.” Makes the other person laugh usually & they say “Sorry”……we are such a polite lot here….
        You probably make the bus driver’s day! I make sure to be extra polite to drivers’; waitresses; store clerks; grocery cahsiers. People who are virtually ‘invisible’…they are people too, lol 😉

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      • I make sure to put my politeness up to a maximum when someone is rude nearby, makes people smile and shows up bad manners, probably will make a few enemies that way but it’s better to be polite 🙂

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  2. Andrew;

    never apologize to anyone for something you are not….never apologize for something you can not achieve, no one is everything, none of us perfect; unless your ID reads: God

    on the “flip side” of the word …well, at least you SAY you’re sorry.

    in this day and age the phrase/words, sorry, thanx, excuse me and several others…seem LACKING in most peoples vocabulary; and what’s even….sadder…maybe,

    when we DO use these words, people are almost astonished that someone actually said it to them !!

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    • I wrote this off the back of someone saying I didn’t need to say sorry, I honestly can’t stop myself though, it’s quite funny in a way but at the same time I apologise as a way of acknowledging that perhaps I’m not the best at things


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