There is nothing,
Quite like yes,
the stress of waiting,
and anticipating,
culminates in a breath.

Nothing like,
the sweet success,
a single sound,
a subtle yes,

you get your way,
through all the whining
a perfect persuasion,
you’ve lived for refining.

I’ve waited a while,
and I must confess,
that you answer in style,
When you tell me ‘yes’

~ Andrew

It’s always nice to get your way, today everything just seemed to go so well it was unbelievable 😀 To contrast to this, Put on a Smile is a little more serious of a poem, enjoy :p


8 responses to “Yes

  1. It is human nature to want to have our own way…we are self motivated people… is only when we are going to do something self destructive or injurous to another being we need to not get our own way 😉

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