Paint the Sky

I pick up a pallet,
I’m sick of the blue,
I’m sick of the sunset,
the dawn and the dew,

I want some new colours,
a change from the grey,
That bothers the sky,
teased with clouds every day

I want something striking,
like lightning, but gentle,
something more stable
and less temperamental

something to stare at
a trophy or prize,
so that one day I’ll say,
I was lost in your skies.

~ Andrew
I felt like changing things up a bit, bit of fun and something to think about, what colour would you make the sky if you had the power to? I imagine florescent orange would be the worst possible colour for it. Cheesy little pick up line at the end there, if you ever decide to date a pilot šŸ˜‰


4 responses to “Paint the Sky

  1. I was flying over the Rhine and it was evening and the sun was setting. The reflection turned the river into a river of gold. One of the most breath taking images in my life. Of course the phone was turned off and it was a business trip so no camera on me. But that gold is engraved in my mind.

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