Poetry Needs A Line

how we must throw poetry a line,
and read between the lines
As we define modern intentions
in the absence of intervention
from a poet’s perspective.

A dying breed,
conceding defeat
to multimedia,
and Wikipedia
as pixels replace pictures
and patterns become neat,

no longer smudged
are the notepads of writers,
as brighter,
better broadcasts
cast their shadow on ancient ways.

pages piled round waste paper baskets
and caskets of poems,
our prized possessions,
are tossed away
because ‘kids today’
have lost interest.

Drowning in modern obsession,
with status and confession,
as the world slowly forgets.
Texts and regrets
replace lines and the threat
of extinction,
is becoming reality.

~ Andrew
It seems like poetry is a dying ‘art’ and that’s pretty sad to me, think I’ll be doing more on the subject in the future but I feel I may have to start writing longer poems to make spoken word videos for because that’s something I really did enjoy doing and is in line with the direction that I feel poetry needs to head to stay relevant. Hope you enjoyed the poem 🙂


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