Expect The Worst

These three texts,
whirring in my pocket,
screaming from my phone,
as I reach in and unlock it,

my mind is racing,
two missed calls,
I’m locked, compressed,
in four thick walls,

I see a ‘sorry’,
worried, scared,
I search for meaning,
thoughts impaired

by blinding frenzy,
panicked fright,
those two sad faces,
Are you all right?

I type with pace,
the one worse case,

building pressure,
blood to simmer,
a boiling, burning,
hopeful glimmer,

Dashed by fears,
And fit to burst,
you’re fine, but I,
expect the worst.

~ Andrew
I seem to worry about reality more than I enjoy it. If something goes slightly off centre, if life throws a curve ball, I’m the one that sits there worrying that the apocalypse has started (well, not quite, but you get the idea).


2 responses to “Expect The Worst

  1. Andrew; nothing wrong with worrying a bit; especially if it involves those who truly mean something to you. I used to go into panic mode when my grandmother wouldn’t answer her phone; 900 images and thoughts trying to share space in my head as to why….repeated long distance calls until she DID answer; only to find out she’d been out to dinner or the like with some friends….the last stanza…yep…..I can so relate…..

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