Cheat Sheet

Time table,
life’s little cheat sheet,
with every plan,
you could ever make.

the key points,
a summary of life.

bringing you forth
to attack the day.

~ Andrew
Just a short poem today, thinking about how useful timetables actually are 🙂 I’m probably going to go on a little hiatus with exams and post weekends only since I’ve got a lot on my mind (which I probably won’t be able to get out in the form of poetry).

9 responses to “Cheat Sheet

  1. Another cool poem! Funny thing when I was cramming for exams I always wrote ‘cheat sheets’. Never used them…they were just a security blanket for me I .
    I have a daily planer even tho I do not work anymore,,,,I also do keep a general diary & then blogging….I like keeping track of time it appears.

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