Hello and Welcome, Goodbye

As quickly,
As it started,
it’s over,
hello and welcome,
opens arms
and compassion,
but sticking around,
has gone out of fashion.
utopian dreams,
ripped like a sweater,
torn to the seams,
and just as quickly,
as time can fly,
hello and welcome,
and yet, goodbye.

~ Andrew

I may be on a break but inspiration still hits like a truck when it hurts. I’ll be doing a few poems in the next few days because to me, poetry is an aspirin that can we taken in small doses or you can completely lose yourself in it.


6 responses to “Hello and Welcome, Goodbye

    • I’ve recently experienced what it’s like to have someone come and go in a short period of time, it hurts but it’s best to imagine they were just a brief collision to show you how to develop as a person

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      • Three is a poem called “A Reason, A Season or a Lifetime”. I use it when people come & go. i find some people are in my life for 1 specific reason>>to learn something or help me develop (as you said) or a season so they are in my life for 2-5 yrs. And then there are those people who follow us thru thick an thin: the lifetime friends!!!
        On a sidenote, a boyfriend from the early 90’s looked me up on Facebook. I have been trying to locate him for 3 yrs now…it is great to know Tim is alive & well. He was a ‘season’…..a lovely one at that 😉

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  1. Andrew…..you hit the nail on the head with this one; excellent verse today. here’s hoping the inspiration for your future work comes from the heart as well, but in a “good way”. writing in any form is a catharsis; much like drawing, painting, singing….even as asinine as my blog is …it’s a catharsis 🙂

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    • This just rolled out like I’d already rehearsed it 50 times before because I knew exactly what to write, there was no pause to perfect it, for once I just wrote it in one and honestly I feel a lot better for having it off my chest


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