In That Kiss

In that kiss,
nothing mattered,
no shattered heart
nor fractured smile
could take away the bliss

In that kiss,
I was yours,
forever if you wished,
but so quickly,
you slipped
from my fingertips.

~ Andrew
Something simple because I’m working on a little something right now, I want to get it right though so it may take a while


6 responses to “In That Kiss

  1. I totally love this little poem!!! Reminded me of my last hubby Kevin. One of ‘our’ songs was “This Kiss” soung by Faith Hill (country/pop genre). He had the most amazing kiss…..& we had 3 short years together & then he ‘slipped thru my fingertips’ (committed suicide).
    I know you did nor write this poem with that in mind….I find I can relate so well to what you write….
    You write from the heart Andrew….

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