Two Paths Collide (Spoken Word)

can be defined as
when two paths meet,
and collide,
with the intersection of lives.

A pain,
which thrives on goodbyes,
rises like fire
in the cruel,
twisted world, of desire.

As if
the intersection
of two vectors
mathematically states,
that they may never meet again,
two straight lines
with different destinations
and a combination of factors,
that bring us together.

and not a second less,
the lines in the plane
of existence,
a persistent reminder
of the inevitable change.

so quickly drawn
and torn limb from limb
in unexpected circumstance.
and luck,
stuck between yes,
and goodbye,
too shallow to simply
accept no
we grow stronger
in defeat.

our vision,
so obscured,
by blind obsession,
we are ignorant
to the truth,
that awaits a confession.

In love,
and out of love,
we wove webs of wonder,
thunder and lightning
a storm I’d wait out with you.

I felt it was right,
too right,
but we met too soon
and the moon
became that much darker.

the light
that one can provide,
died in that second.
Beckoning arms
opened like the sea,
for Moses
but so quickly it closes
because I needed solitude.

swinging like vines,
as heartbreak declines
to an echo,
an anchor
that weighs on the mind
and the heart,
sinking pride
and docking fear
in my harbour.

Harbouring questions,
as hoarders harvest material,
a bacterial infection
where answers are no medicine.

Self worth,
devalued by the collision
of two trajectories,
so easily prevented
by stop
look, listen.

Spontaneously thrown
into the savage world
of eat, or be eaten,
beaten down
because I chased pleasure
and it hastily departed.

seeing the signs
was as easy as reading lines
at face value.
But when faced
with the disgrace
of being wrong,
I rewrote rhythms
in ignorant song.

as if by magic
logic clicks into place,
as it pains me to admit
I was wrong.
lied to and deceived
I believed I had been wronged,
I had prolonged the inevitable
with naive advances.

Two paths,
crossing equal,
and drifting apart,
a rift in my heart,
the scar of this reality.

the very word
that makes my fists clench.
Heart wrenching
knowing you were not faithful.

hard as iron,
left to rust
because you lied.

Because you lied
I find no meaning
in messages sent,
hell bent on ideals
I was aware did not exist.

for the first time,
you stole my breath
a crime I cannot condemn.
wish it were not so empty
as the heart
that I skipped beats for.

that I waged
in anger and pity,
the city of demons
where purity is but a sin.

is where two paths meet,
true love however
is the convergence
of two vectors at infinity.

~ Andrew
A new spoken word poem, will be working on a few of these and improving the quality as we go, hope you enjoyed it! 🙂


12 responses to “Two Paths Collide (Spoken Word)

  1. That hurt is the greatest and worst lesson we have, the lesson of life will leave tears. I love the composition and hope one day you will find more people who will not only enjoy your work but appreciate all that is behind it as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hope to spend some of my time off promoting the world of poetry and immersing myself in the wonders of Spoken Word a lot more than I have done in the past, everybody has a story to tell and I honestly think Spoken Word is one of the best ways to tell it

      Liked by 1 person

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