21st Century Sorry

We live
in a world
where sorry isn’t even
in our vocabulary,
because what does it even mean?

We say sorry,
like we press control zee,
and undo our mistakes,
we say sorry,
because cheaters never prosper,
but it’s not their heart that breaks

because sorry,
truly is the hardest word,
when heard
you feel mocked.
As if asking for forgiveness
is now just a respawn.

As if sorry takes back actions,
like an eraser
cuts back lines,
As if sorry is the answer
to the question it defines.


Why me?
That deadly word
when wronged,
wishing I belonged,

tells a story,
of a misdeed
as it feeds the beast
with the satisfaction
of apology.

Reset today,
Regret the way
you took the past
and tore it.

Memories linger,
not in the mind
of the wrongdoer,
in the steady beat
of the victim’s heart
is a sorry
that tore
his whole world apart.

~ Andrew
Call me heartless but sorry seems to lose meaning every time I hear it. Don’t tell me you regret doing something if your actions say otherwise.


8 responses to “21st Century Sorry

  1. People often expect you to say sorry for things that you have no control over. I try hard to avoid meaningless platitudes and excusing myself for someone else’s choices because in a waste of my time and the person I am speaking to. Sorry has meaning only when it comes from the heart not from the excuse book.

    The poem itself was interesting in the construct and how you carried the message. As always causing me to think.


  2. Andrew; sorry has become such a part of everyone’s vocabulary; here in the states people will even say….sorry….when they don’t hear what was said; I think everyone over uses the word sorry; perhaps out of habit ? and not enough of us use the word thanx; I like the last stanza best in this poem as it is so true….

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    • I think it’s okay to use sorry but I do think that when it comes to slightly more extreme events such as telling a lie or perhaps cheating on someone, you’ve got to take responsibility and understand that sorry isn’t going to fix it all.
      I use thank you more than most people, in fact, I use it a little too much and thank people for seemingly no reason πŸ˜›

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  3. Me too Andrew…I find people can be so ‘prickly’ so I am constantly saying “Sorry” maybe as a way of warding off aggression….
    When I do say “I AM Sorry!” I truly mean it. I know what you mean; sometimes ‘sorry’ just does not seem enough does it?

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  4. Thoughtful & well written poem Andrew! And yes ‘sorry’ can be such a cop out word…people say it like they are waving a magic wand & it will make things right!!!
    Now in Canada in general we say “Sorry’ alot…when we are in the grocery store & turna corner & clearly it is not our faults for a collision or if a door drops & we have not held it open long enough….it is really quite cute.
    We are a nation of people who constantly ask for forgiveness for small things..
    At least we are semi civilized!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

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    • I use the word sorry a lot because I feel like I’m intruding or being annoying, but I always mean it when I apologise.
      I appreciate that there are many people that genuinely mean it but at times I do wonder if sorry is the right thing to say

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