Places Once Called Home (Spoken Word)

Home is where the heart is
at least that’s what they say,
we leave it there
in our despair
and chase the dark away

We find our peace
in silence,
where in violence
home is lost,
the coldest depths
of every heart,
the home for bitter frost

I called this once
my garden,
these leaves were once my chair,
this tree was once my mother,
always watching, always there

She watched me kiss the stranger,
like I kissed the girl before,
always there when I’m in danger,
as I laid there on the floor,

I dream about tomorrow,
yet I live in yesterday,
this home of lies,
which I despise
has so much left to say,

It speaks about a witness,
it whispers her regret,
it tells me every morning,
in the hopes I don’t forget,

I feel apart,
a distant heart,
I left home long ago,
forever wrong,
forever strong,
In suffering I grow,

but home is where my heart is,
yet I have no home to stay,
I sleep beneath the dirty sky,
polluted shades of grey,

I called a home once shelter,
any roof above my head,
Protection, as it should be,
with a touch of added dread,

I fear my roof is falling,
it will crush me while I sleep,
it keeps my eyes from closing,
in anxiety I weep,

I fear that you’ll have vanished,
precious arms that hold me dear,
I cannot rest, I’m crushed at best,
I live in constant fear,

of places once called home,
and places, home no more,
memories of madness,
and love I felt before,

Is home where love is greatest
or just where love is felt,
I see my crush, my royal flush,
A perfect hand is dealt,

In love I see perfection,
in perfection, my abode,
and yet I seek affection,
as I walk the lonely road.

~ Andrew
I put the video up on Sunday but thought I’d wait until Monday in the hopes that it reaches a slightly bigger audience, I hope you enjoyed it πŸ™‚

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