Tidy Your Mind

My brain is demanding
That I tidy my mind
delving into dusty depths,
see what I find

a pile of memories,
I’d rather forget,
my friend of ten years
and the first time we met,

an emotional landfill
of discarded ideas,
the crushes now crushed
in my misguided tears

alone in the corner,
that lie, he’s okay,
he just hates me for speaking
he still hates me today.

And under the bed,
that my mind occupies,
is a pile of thoughts,
innovations, disguised,

by the world of society,
restrictions, limitations,
that prevent my ideas
from becoming creations.

Then beyond that the closet,
as I put on my genes,
my persona created,
in the world of my dreams.

The ideal person,
once my mind is uncluttered,
by the mess of my thoughts,
it would seem that I stuttered.

For no matter how tidy,
my mind can become,
I’m creating ideas
can I offer you some?

There are elephant’s feet,
no wait, that’s my past,
why not have some bananas,
this pain cannot last,

I am tortured
by torturous tricks and deceit,
And try as I might,
it will end in defeat.

~ Andrew
I haven’t posted a poem in a while, I can’t seem to materialise anything right now but I am trying, I’ll be hoping to be more active this coming week and try to read the work of others in hopes it helps me rediscover my inspiration, this poem comes from what little inspiration my messy mind has left. Too many little ‘sparks’ not strong enough to light the fire.


10 responses to “Tidy Your Mind

  1. You are a refreshing exception to the general rule Andrew. Most younger people are all “Me, me, me.” I wish more people younger & my age would try to be their best….
    I got asked out by a bloke my age. At first I was Ok with it but then he let some things slip: drink driving; no licence; living in a boarding house; a $300. fine & the word ‘assault’ came up in the conversation. I decided to not go out for dinner with him. He showed up yesterday (riding a bicycle!) & he had been drinking. I put him straight & sent him on his way. Definitely not trying to be his best possible self!!! Sad but true…..

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  2. I think this poem is FAB Andrew!!
    I know who my ‘ideal’ self is yet that woman seems to be bogged down by the past; by emotions run rampant; by others behaviours; by betrayals…
    I end up with so much cr*p in my head I just want to sleep & dream because I am always my ‘ideal’ self in dreams πŸ˜‰

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  3. A beatufiful poem! And I agree – I think the best way to combat writer’s block is to keep on writing! (Even if it takes 3 full pages of nonsense before a good idea emerges). Keep on keeping on!

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