Bank of Feelings

Here at the bank of feelings
We take our dealings
in emotional investment seriously,

so you’d like to deposit:
one large sum
of regret and deceit,
now your transaction’s complete
would you like a receipt?

minimum withdrawal
is at least one broken heart,
we’re not there to fix it,
wouldn’t know where to start.

Rest assured,
if you have
a customer request,
that your face is a dartboard
and it’s you we detest.

We are not there for smiling,
we are just an idea,
take good care of your feelings,
and just so we’re clear.

If you’re investing emotions,
stay away from the liars,
the banks are no safeguard,
from the world of desires.

~ Andrew
It’s hard to deal with emotions and sometimes we invest our emotions in the wrong people, they’re a bit like a loan, because you always end up paying back more than you initially asked for.


11 responses to “Bank of Feelings

  1. I hear you Andrew! So here is some ‘irony’ for you.
    I gave the workman bloke my phone number….I brought it on myself.
    At least I saw his ‘other’ side & got him to go b4 we got ‘involved’.
    Yesterday I went with Ruth for a road trip down to Mt. Forest & we were at the Tim Horton’s coffeeshop. 2 men on fully dressed motorcycles pulled in for coffee & we got to chatting. They were my age & BOTH were attractive & very pleasant. They obviously had means because those motorcycles were PRIMO & they were well dressed in leathers & boots!
    Did I think to give the really cute bloke my phone #??? Oh no!!!
    Could he have been a good bloke for me?? We will never know now!!!
    That is irony! *sighs*

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  2. Precisely Andrew. I do not mind that some people enjoy a drink but smelling of booze is a HUGE turn-off, plus he knew I am in recovery so why risk showing up in such a state? obviously has no self respect or respect for others…
    I DODGED a hail of bullets there! 😉

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  3. GOBSMACKED Andrew!!!! This poem totally describes how I am feeling of late.
    I have been asked out by a bloke but I am not sure I want to make an ‘investment’.
    I still have feelings for both my deceased hubbies. *sighs*
    The other thing that happened is after 19 years my Optician tried to screw me over for $100. which I did not have & he knew it. So now I have a script & am on the hunt for a new Optician…..*more sighs*

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