Half a Second

like the falling of leaves
half a second
breathes life
into silent terror.

as rigid as rocks,
but free as the breeze
your mind screams to run
but your body says ‘Freeze!’

That next tick tock,
cut in half
by the shock of collision,
blurred vision
and illusion
as you’re lost in confusion
the ground knocks you to reality.

My life,
did indeed, flash before my eyes,
it’s hard to register
and 22 years a second,
yet half that was overwhelming enough.

In short,
take care,
no second should ever be split
in fright. Rather,
treasured for pulsing past
from the first to the last,
without a sense of despair.

~ Andrew
Recalling an incident in my childhood.. it was in my mind today and I thought I’d spill my thoughts onto the page


5 responses to “Half a Second

  1. WOW! Andrew this is a powerful poem…I remember the brakes failing on my Grandparents 1957 Buick>>> a 2,000 pound car! My life; all 9 years of it passed b4 my eyes! I actually started praying out loud from the back seat…somehow my Nanna managed to get the car down the West Hill & managed to bounce it off the curb until she came to a full stop right outside the garage!!!
    What a wild ride THAT was!!!

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      • Now that is some coincidence!! Somehow “West Hill’ had an ‘impact’ on both our lives! I am very careful crossing streets here; they drive like maniacs….I have seen people run the red light at my corner even… .seriously scary for any pedestrians!

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