All Is Not Lost

The final straw,
guess that things really suck,
you’re broken and bruised
and all out of luck
but please don’t surrender,
you’ve still got the will,
your father left shoes
that you’ve still got to fill.

It’s not quite the end yet
and all is not lost,
you’ll make it through struggle
no matter the cost
till you breathe your last breath
and you finish your move,
there’s a world undiscovered
and a point yet to prove.

~ Andrew
Don’t ever give up. There’s very little more I can say.
This month I’m planning to write one poem for every letter of the alphabet so for each letter (26 poems in 31 days) if you’ve read them I’d love to hear your favourite for each letter (today being A of course). Thank you for all the support you’ve given me over the past 6 months since I made my triumphant return. Also a random point but the rhythm I originally had in my head when writing this was Terrible Things by Mayday Parade, I’ve edited it since then but it was a change from my usual style of writing so I thought I’d mention it.


4 responses to “All Is Not Lost

  1. As I read this poem Andrew I thought about my Father who was a Holocaust survivor…he NEVER gave up & made it out alive & to Canada & built a new life for himself. So whenever I get fed up I think of him & I remember I am here for a reason. Your poem says it so eloquently!
    My favorite word for H is Heart & L is Love 😉

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      • Same here Andrew…I often think it is the Universe pushing me forward to better myself!!!
        A lot of my motivation is in memory of my Father & for my Brother Dale who was murdered in 1985…I changed my entire life because of that event….
        I value my Life now! 😉

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  2. Don’t ever give up is a great concept, although trying to fill other people shoes is a struggle. If you use imagery following in their footsteps may be better as there is then nothing wrong if and when you walk a different path.


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