Before I Go

Sorry if I seem unruly,
and I’m sorry if I’m out of line,
but before I can go,
I just thought you should know
that I lied when I said I was fine.

I was raised not to lie by my parents,
not to fib just to cover my tracks,
it’s becoming quite clear,
that the problem is here,
and I’m plastering over the cracks.

I can’t think what caused it to fracture,
like a sheet we were torn into two,
but unlike the sheet
we are far from complete,
when together our paths are askew.

I’d rather not break you down further,
I must leave, else I’ll bring you more pain,
It’s not that you’re bad,
but you’re driving me mad,
and I’d prefer not to end up insane.

Your look tells me that you are wounded,
yet that smile is as fake as my lies,
It’s better this way,
it’s a good kind of grey,
that will lead to the clearest of skies.

~ Andrew
If things start to go wrong, you have two choices, you can fix what’s broken or if it’s irreparable, be the better man/woman and walk away so as not to hurt them further
2 down, 24 to go, don’t forget to let me know your favourite B poem if you’ve got one :-p


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